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2009/06/02 APB project not dead! There is a brand new release by Martin Gecks. Enjoy version 1.3 with major improvements: PHP5, globals off, multi-language, CSS, customization and more.
2005/03/08 New release by Carl Patten
2005/02/07 Björn's patches available again.
2005/01/23 Two resources added.
2004/12/18 Two resources added.

What is this page about?

Active PHP Bookmarks, a web based bookmark manager, was originally developed by Brandon Stone. Due to lack of time he has withdrawn himself from the project, however keeping his development forum on-line. On December 3rd 2004 this APB-forum, which was still the home of a small but relatively active community, was compromised. All content of the forum was lost, including links to important user contributed patches for the APB code.

At this point Brandon Stone has no resources to rebuild the original APB-forum. In an attempt to recreate what was lost we created this page. For now it will only be a static page meant to contain all APB relevant information, including links to active developers, code patches etc. Hopefully it will be the start for the continuation of the APB project.

If you are one of the active users of the former APB-forum and you want to have your contribution to the APB code published on this page please contact me. I will update this page as regularly as possible and required. Please also feel free to suggest directions for the future of APB development. This page will look nicer someday...

December 6th, 2004.

Jeroen Leijen

APB resources and links

Björn Andersson (2004/12/18)

I've been making some patches for APB and I'm most likely going to
continue to do so. Actually I'd like to write APB2 as I saw talk about
earlier on the forum that got lost. :)
The patches/new stuff I made were PHP5 support and removed all notices
that showed. I made an export to Netscape bookmarks file thing.
And I made an import from Netscape bookmark file.

Carl Patten (2004/12/18)

Carl Patten sort of maintains the most current version of the 1.0 APB branch.
The current version is 1.2.06 (tarball) (zip) (tarball (mirror) )


v1.2.06 2005-03-06 [CAP]
-   Incorporated Netscape import and export scripts written by
    Björn Andersson.
-   Incorporated PHP5 compatibility patch written by Björn Andersson.
-   Incorporated clickthrough tracker IP $REMOTE_ADDR patch written
    by James Cook
-   Renamed import.php ie_import.php to establish a tiny, humble naming
-   Fixed slight ugliness in login screen

James Cook (2004/12/30)

I'm using Carl Patten's 1.2.05 release along with Bjorn Andersson's
PHP5 notice patch.  The notice patch fixes nearly everything but
leaves behind one misfeature on my stock Fedora PHP4 install.  Since
Fedora's PHP has register_globals set to Off by default, $REMOTE_ADDR
isn't defined and that results in the clickthrough tracking never
knowing the IP address of the client.  This patch fixes that
and should be fine in all circumstances.

Jesse Courchaine (2005/01/05)

Here is the "lucky" APB patch (for apb-1.1.02, not created by me, JC) that redirects the
search page if there is only one result.

Martin Gecks (2009/06/02)

Here is the version 1.3 release. A major update.

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